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   The New Beginnings Park, situated between Port Charlotte United Methodist Church and St. James Episcopal Church on Viscaya Dr., has been in development since January 2005.  It is a joint project of both churches to create a park for the churches and the surrounding community.


   The Park is divided into roughly three Areas:  


  • Worship Area, closest to Viscaya Dr. to the east; 

  • Picnic/Play Area, which sits in the middle of the Park; and       (map it)

  • Meditation Area, closest to Randolph St. to the west.  


   The Worship Area is the perfect place for weddings, baptisms, and communions, as well as small group training sessions, brown-bag lunches, musical events, etc.  Benches for resting are situated throughout the Park and a brick pathway winds around the gazebo, connecting it to the sanctuary.  In the future, the brick pathway will connect all Areas of the Park.


Worship Area


Playground/Picnic Area


Meditation Area
Dedication of Labyrinth March 2013


We invite you to visit the Park and visualize the possibilities for your outdoor event.

   Parking for the public is available in the paved church lots to the north and south of the park, with formal entries through iron archways on both sides near the center of the Park.

   There are no restroom facilities or potable water in the Park.  However, arrangements can be made with either church’s facilities during group rentals.


New Beginnings Park